5th International Effectual Symposium for Entrepreneurship Educators in Pakistan Empowering the youth through ENTREPRENEURSHIP

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August 8, 2020 – August 9, 2020 all-day America/Cambridge Bay Timezone

The IBA Center for Entrepreneurial Development is yet again going to surpass the contemporary standards in entrepreneurial teaching and pedagogy, as it plans to organize its flagship event for the fourth consecutive year.

The Role and Importance of Educators in Entrepreneurship Development
Explain how our educators play their role in cultivating the art of entrepreneurship into the mindsets of our youth.

Latest Developments in Entrepreneurship Research and Pedagogy
Emphasizes the importance of academic entrepreneurship related research and teaching in institutions and its ability to create a conducive environment for boosting entrepreneurship in Pakistan.

Innovations in Entrepreneurial Ecosystem (Entrepreneurship and Incubation Centers)
Emerging trends and models of incubation and the role of entrepreneurial centers in promoting.

Vocational Education and its shifting role in Entrepreneurship
The role of Vocational entrepreneurship in changing the trends of the economy of Pakistan as the Small and Medium-sized enterprises are setting their foot and creating prospects for the country.

Symposium Investment
Rs. 15,000/Participant

Contact Persons:
Rao Israr Ahmed
Email: risrar@iba.edu.pk
Phone: 021-38104700 Ext. 2664
Abdullah Mustafa
Email: amustafa@iba.edu.pk
Phone: 0336-6386766


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