Just Start


What Separates Serial Entrepreneurs?

According to Babson College President Leonard Schlesinger and international consultant Charles Kiefer, the authors of the book Just Start, serial entrepreneurs have a completely different way of thinking from the rest of us. Much more importantly, serial entrepreneurs act on what they are thinking, and it’s this action — this willingness to take immediate steps — that separates them from the non-serial entrepreneurs in society.

At first, readers of Just Start might believe that the authors, now joined by journalist and editor Paul Brown, have just fancied up the familiar concepts of “ready, fire, aim” or “leap before you look.” Readers soon discover, however, that the authors have a concept a bit more sophisticated and nuanced in mind — a concept summarized in a rather ugly word that they coined: Creaction.”

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Just Start: Take Action, Embrace Uncertainty, Create the Future. Harvard Business Press.