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As educators, we seek to revolutionize the way entrepreneurship is taught throughout the world. We do that through the study and teaching of effectuation and the “entrepreneurial method.” Effectuation is at its heart a human problem-solving method that was developed through research into the mental processes used by some of the best problem-solvers in the world – expert entrepreneurs.

Why study expert entrepreneurs?

The startup phase of a new company is one of the most “uncertain” and unpredictable situations a business person can be in. It is chaotic, exciting, surprising, and the future is unknown. Expert entrepreneurs figure out ways to navigate these choppy waters – turning big surprises into the utterly mundane. It’s pretty amazing. If you’re new to effectuation, you’ll immediately recognize the depth of research that’s being performed by dozens of academics worldwide. You can read some award winning papers on effectuation and see how the research has grown since Saras wrote her first paper in 2001. Start with these:

What Makes Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurial?” – An easy 8-page introduction to the key elements of the theory and its application.
Affordable Loss and the Plunge Decision” – How do entrepreneurs decide to take that bold move into starting a new venture?

The Instructor Portal

Inside, we give you access to the case studies, technical notes, exercises, and syllabi so that you can create effectuation courses, well,anywhere! We’re laser-focused on providing the best content and programs for you to teach effectively and are eager to welcome you into our instructor community. We hold teaching events in multiple countries. We’d love to see you at one!

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