Tous innovateurs, 2 methodes pour reveler des solutions invisibles dans le complexe.
Dr Dominique Vian (Auteur), Dr Melanie Ciussi (Auteur), Dr Christophe Sempels (Auteur)
An innovator needs to increase his ability to perceive what connects elements of complex environments. It is useful for transforming these environments. Acquiring this skill is possible, if we learn effectual thinking.
The good news is that this book allows you to apply two methods when facing two different situations:
1. I face a complex problem. What can be the innovative solution?
2. I have an idea. How to turn the innovative idea into something concrete?
This book addresses recurring questions of entrepreneurship and social transformation, but from a new perspective: effective innovative methods enabling to act quickly with available means. ReadMore

A Guide to Finding Career Treasure: An 8-step workbook for discovering opportunities
Michael A. Kaplan ‘MAK’ (Author)
A Guide to Finding Career Treasure is not another book providing the appealing but vague career advice to ‘just follow your passion.’ It is also not a book about resumes and cover letters, or encouragement to do stereotypical ‘job networking’ which too often is a waste of time, or worse.
A Guide to Finding Career Treasure explains specific steps you can take for HOW to go about creating the work future you truly want rather than being limited to what’s printed on the menu. ReadMore


Effectual Entrepreneurship 2nd Edition

Whether you’re dreaming about starting a business, learning about entrepreneurship or on the brink of creating a new opportunity right now, don’t wait. Open this updated bestseller. Inside you’ll find everything you need, including:

  • A newly established and popular way to learn about and to practice entrepreneurship.
  • New practical exercises, questions and activities for each step in your process.
  • Specific principles derived from the methods of expert entrepreneurs.
  • 70+ updated and renewed case briefs of entrepreneurs across industries, locations and time.

Effectuation: Elements of Entrepreneurial Expertise

Saras Sarasvathy

Dr. Sarasvathy’s masterpiece is bursting with effectual insights. The book is focused on the research–an academically rigorous work. Effectuation, the idea that the future is unpredictable yet controllable, is a new idea in entrepreneurship. It is a given that entrepreneurs create firms. Effectuation argues that they create opportunities as well. This book is a result of the author’s study of 27 expert entrepreneurs and delves into what makes an effective effectuator. It encapsulates the first attempt to capture the notion of entrepreneurial expertise as opposed to traits or success factors.

Entrepreneurship for the Curious – Why Study Entrepreneurship?: The Truth About College Major, Research, Scholarships, and Jobs

Why not consider Entrepreneurship as your college major or career? Reasons always come first, results come second.

Are you interested in pursuing a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degree in Entrepreneurship? How to decide if Entrepreneurship is right for you?

One of the most important decisions that you will make in college is to select a major. Such decision should not be taken lightly, as it has profound implications for your career and life after college. A wrong choice today will result in added semesters and tuition tomorrow.

Entrepreneurial Marketing: an effectual approach

Ed Nijssen
How do you sell a totally new kind of product to a market that does not yet exist? Entrepreneurial businesses often create products and services based on radically new technology that has the power to change the marketplace. This means that existing market research will have produced data about market categories and structures that are largely irrelevant to the entrepreneur. This complicates the sales and marketing functions for new products that may be hard for the market to understand in the first place.

Effectual Entrepreneurship (audiobook)

Saras Sarasvathy
Download the Effectual Entrepreneur textbook as an audiobook! Free to all registered users of the Society of Effectual Action. The first zip file contains the 20 book chapters. The second zip file contains an Extra Collections:

Corporate Effectuation: What managers should learn from entrepreneurs

Thomas Blekman
This book explores entrepreneurship at corporations by bringing effectuation to life in many valuable case studies.

The Success of Effectuation in Contexts (German)

Daniel Küpper
Kupper studies hundreds of corporate R&D projects with respect to effectuation and how it can improve innovation management. Written in the German language. (Die Erfolgswirkung von Effectuation im Kontext von F&E-Projekten: Eine empirische Analyse)

Effectuation – How Successful Entrepreneurs Think, Decide, and Act (German)

Michael Faschingbauer
An award-winning practitioner’s reference to effectuation written in the German language, and listed in Germany as “Management Book of the Year” in 2010. (Effectuation: Wie erfolgreiche Unternehmer denken, entscheiden und handeln)

Effectuation – Entrepreneurs Think Differently! (German)

Marcus Ambrosch
Marcus Ambrosch’s book, written in German, brings effectuation to light in several areas outside of pure entrepreneurship including strategic management, agile project management, teaching, and innovation.

ISMA 360

ISMA 360° is both a method and a tool helping entrepreneur candidates to think and behave as seasoned innovators. The aim is to transform their invention into an innovation. It offers professionals an operational framework to engage into effectuation pragmatically. Based on the coupling of effectual logic and near-decomposability of complex systems, it pushes the work of Saras Sarasvathy and Herbert Simon (2000) one step further.

The book is in French, and available through

Just Start
What Separates Serial Entrepreneurs?

According to Babson College President Leonard Schlesinger and international consultant Charles Kiefer, the authors of the book Just Start, serial entrepreneurs have a completely different way of thinking from the rest of us. Much more importantly, serial entrepreneurs act on what they are thinking, and it’s this action — this willingness to take immediate steps — that separates them from the non-serial entrepreneurs in society.

At first, readers of Just Start might believe that the authors, now joined by journalist and editor Paul Brown, have just fancied up the familiar concepts of “ready, fire, aim” or “leap before you look.” Readers soon discover, however, that the authors have a concept a bit more sophisticated and nuanced in mind — a concept summarized in a rather ugly word that they coined: Creaction.”

Reality Entrepreneurship: A practical guide to Effectuation

Reality Entrepreneurship is a first-hand collection of 6 entrepreneurship case studies across Europe. We visited effectual entrepreneurs in Spain, Germany, Austria, France, Lithuania and Finland to tell their stories in a most authentic and engaging way. Three of the cases are accompanied with a short video (free link inside the book), and all of the cases are designed for teaching and learning entrepreneurship & effectuation in a most interesting and accessible way. The cases contain many pictures, questions for classroom, and the book includes an introduction to effectuation with practical exercises, as well as a foreword written by Saras Sarasvathy, founder of effectuation theory.