French Effectuation Days (Journées francophones de l’effectuation – JFE)
Jan 31 @ 10:00 am – Feb 1 @ 5:00 pm

The first French Effectuation Days (Journées francophones de l’effectuation – JFE) will take place on 31 January and 1 February at the LION startup school in Paris. The JFE is a two-day event entirely dedicated to effectuation, the logic of action of innovative entrepreneurs. Created fifteen years ago from the work of the Indo-American researcher Saras Sarasvathy, effectuation is now gaining recognition among researchers and practitioners. The event aims to bring together all those who are interested in learning and sharing: experts, practitioners, entrepreneurs, consultants, researchers but also managers, as the process is also increasingly used within organizations that want to transform themselves to respond to the disruptions in their environment.

The JFEs are organised by Philippe Silberzahn (emlyon Business School), Dominique Vian (SKEMA Business School) and Guillaume Maison (entrepreneur). For more information:

Feb 19 @ 4:28 pm – 5:28 pm

The Batten Institute at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business provides limited research support for prominent thought leaders or researchers of high promise who have an active agenda that aligns with the mission and priorities of the Institute. The Batten Fellows program provides funding and other resources to generate new knowledge about entrepreneurship and innovation.

The aims of the program are:

  • Support work related to current UVA Darden & Batten Institute research initiatives;
  • Advance research that results in academic articles, books, and other high-impact publications;
  • Provide thought leadership of importance to managers, policymakers, and the public; and
  • Stimulate the intellectual life of the Institute, the Darden School, and the University of Virginia.

Special Call for Entrepreneurial Ecosystems Research

This year, the program especially welcomes proposals that explore the antecedents and consequences of entrepreneurial ecosystems. Many regional elements contribute to entrepreneurial ecosystems including localized cultural outlooks, social networks, investment capital, universities, and active economic policies, among others. The Batten Institute is eager to support research in this emerging field in order to foster an understanding of how entrepreneurial activity advances local prosperity.

Submissions for this year’s program are not limited to ecosystems research, although the selection committee will give special consideration to projects on this topic.


Download Application Instructions (PDF)

Submit your application via this Qualtrics form.

Celebrating 10 years of Effectuation Conferences (in ESCP Europe’ s 200th anniversary year) @ Where: ESCP Europe Berlin
Nov 24 @ 5:00 pm – Nov 27 @ 4:00 pm

Conference submissions due May 15! Please connect to the conference website for more information:


About the conference

It will have been 10 years since the first Effectuation Conference was held in a decommissioned church at the Vlerick Business School in the tiny city of Ghent, Belgium. To celebrate, the 2019 Effectuation Conference will be coming back to Europe.

The Jean-Baptiste Say Institute for Entrepreneurship of ESCP Europe will be hosting the 2019 Effectuation Conference in Berlin in ESCP Europe’s 200th anniversary year as a pre-conference to the XXXIII. RENT Conference. The Effectuation Conference format will offer both plenary sessions as well as small group research and practice “pods”.

Call for papers:

We invite participants with a research interest, a teaching interest and/or an interest in practical application to present their work. For those with a primary interest in research, we require participants to present a working paper. This work will be discussed in small groups in dedicated workshop sessions. For those with a primary interest in teaching and/or practice, we require participants to present a description or design of a practice they have used or are considering. We plan to have interactive sessions in which the various practices are shared between participants.
Paper submission
​1. Research orientation: Please submit an academic paper, or extended abstract of at least seven pages, but maximum 30 pages. Papers can be fully developed, but we particularly encourage the submission of working papers that can benefit from our interactive workshop format.

2. Teaching and practice orientation: Please submit at least a three-page description or design of a practice you have used or are planning to use. That could be a teaching practice, a tool, an intervention design or a (consulting) case. Please describe your experiences and list potential questions that you may have for discussing.

Please Note: Please indicate the track you are submitting to in the subject line (“Submission to Effectuation Conference Research Track” OR “Submission to Effectuation Conference Teaching/Practice Track”). Both types of papers should be sent to the following e-mail address:

May 15, 2019 
(12pm CET)

5th IBA International Entrepreneurship Summer School (IESS)
Aug 5 – Aug 22 all-day

About IESS
The 5th IBA International Entrepreneurship Summer School (IESS) is an 18-day program intended to expose the participants to the world of entrepreneurship from an Asian perspective while immersing in the cultural abundance of Pakistan through lectures, workshops, experiential exercises, games and simulations. The frameworks discussed in the course provide an opportunity for the participants to unleash their entrepreneurial potential and to work with the minimal amount of resources to create ventures which are environmentally, socially and ethically sensitive. After the first phase of Experience Karachi, the participants are taken to Discover Pakistan to explore the northern beauty of Pakistan. IESS 2020 continues its legacy and revolves around the theme “Think. Explore. Create. and Discover.”. Furthermore, the participants are also taken for industry visits and to the traditional markets and bazaars. IESS is one of its kind program with renowned international, national faculty and speakers imparting their knowledge, skills, expertise and experience.

Experience Karachi
5th August – 14th August 2020
The 6 ECT/ 3 credit hour course on entrepreneurship comprises of entrepreneurial lessons by international & national faculty over a period of 10 academic classes. This academic part also includes guest speaker sessions by industrialist & entrepreneurs from all around the globe followed by interactive student presentations and group activities on entrepreneurial models. Additionally, for a more hands-on learning experience participants will be taken to field trips ranging from industrial visits to traditional market places of the city and leading community NGOs.

This program is designed to take you on an entrepreneurial journey that acquaints the participants with the natural beauty of Pakistan’s economic engine, Karachi. The participants will not only experience Karachi’s multi-cultural environment but also its culinary diversity through formal dinners and BBQ night; one can say that eating out is Karachi’s national sport. The program also includes a special ceremony on Independence Day of Pakistan.

International Participants USD $ 1100 *
National Participants PKR 75,000

Discover Pakistan
14th August – 22nd August 2020
IESS is designed to offer a riveting experience of experiential entrepreneurship learning through academics in addition to a uniquely extensive Pakistan tour. This part of the program i.e. DISCOVER Pakistan exposes participants to wonderful surprises this country has to offer; ranging from the busy and fast-moving metropolitan cities of Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad to experiencing a peaceful lifestyle of its people in the enchanting valleys of Naran and Kaghan followed by breathtaking rafting, trekking and hiking experiences in the heart of northern areas.

International Participants USD $ 500*

Certificate of attendance:
On completion of the summer school, participants will be awarded a Summer School Certificate from the IBA- Center of Entrepreneurial Development, and will be granted 3 credit hours and 6 ECTs.

For more information, please see the attached brochure and links to the website and social media accounts.

Download Complete Brochure:
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5th International Effectual Symposium for Entrepreneurship Educators in Pakistan Empowering the youth through ENTREPRENEURSHIP
Aug 8 – Aug 9 all-day

The IBA Center for Entrepreneurial Development is yet again going to surpass the contemporary standards in entrepreneurial teaching and pedagogy, as it plans to organize its flagship event for the fourth consecutive year.

The Role and Importance of Educators in Entrepreneurship Development
Explain how our educators play their role in cultivating the art of entrepreneurship into the mindsets of our youth.

Latest Developments in Entrepreneurship Research and Pedagogy
Emphasizes the importance of academic entrepreneurship related research and teaching in institutions and its ability to create a conducive environment for boosting entrepreneurship in Pakistan.

Innovations in Entrepreneurial Ecosystem (Entrepreneurship and Incubation Centers)
Emerging trends and models of incubation and the role of entrepreneurial centers in promoting.

Vocational Education and its shifting role in Entrepreneurship
The role of Vocational entrepreneurship in changing the trends of the economy of Pakistan as the Small and Medium-sized enterprises are setting their foot and creating prospects for the country.

Symposium Investment
Rs. 15,000/Participant

Contact Persons:
Rao Israr Ahmed
Phone: 021-38104700 Ext. 2664
Abdullah Mustafa
Phone: 0336-6386766