Effectual Cycle

The entrepreneur’s means provide the starting point. The action begins in earnest when the entrepreneur begins interacting with people. Sometimes the starting point of that interaction is an idea, a provisional goal the entrepreneur uses to initiate the interaction. Sometimes the interaction is specifically initiated in the terms of “what can we do?” as the entrepreneur determines possibilities together with the person she interacts with. Regardless, each interaction can terminate without a commitment. In that case, the opportunity, as the entrepreneur and that specific person she interacts with envisioned, is on hold. Alternatively, that interaction might result in a commitment. As we described upfront, those commitments have two effects. One effect of adding a stakeholder to the venture is the addition of that stakeholder’s means—the possibilities those means suggest. At the same time, new goals also accompany the commitment, adding to the constraints accumulated by the venture and converging it toward a specific direction. At any time in this cycle, unexpected events, information and meetings can change the environment the venture is developing. Those contingencies have similar effects to commitments. On one hand, they present new resources—new means the entrepreneur can use to expand the possibilities of the venture. On the other hand, they present new constraints also, perhaps sending the venture in a more specific direction.

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