Decision-making processes in biotech commercialization: Constraints to effectuation.

This research explores two entrepreneurial decision-making processes utilizing effectuation and causation modes in the context of new venture creation in the biotechnology industry. Using a case study approach, we investigate the evolution of three biotech ventures from the start of the venture, featuring major decisions over a period of 10 to 20 years. Assessment of qualitative interviews with founders and CEOs demonstrates that, initially, each company began in effectuation mode and, over time, transitioned to a spectrum between effectuation and causation. The two ventures which retained effectuation logic did not engage in clinical trials. Decision making processes in this study illustrate the interplay between entrepreneurs’ ability to manage technological and market uncertainty and circumstantial changes arising from change leadership, venture capital funding and development of lead candidates in the clinical stage of product development.

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Technology Management for Emerging Technologies (PICMET)
Elicia Maine
Pek-Hooi Soh
N Dos Santos
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