A Dialogue With William J. Baumol: Insights on Entrepreneurship Theory and Education

This interview and commentary addresses key issues in entrepreneurship by highlighting William Baumol’s contributions and his personal insights. We emphasize the multilevel approach that entrepreneurship research should adopt, and that assumptions underlying the research are too often unstated, rendering comparison between studies difficult. Baumol argues for more experimentation and government support of research on ways to improve the teaching of innovative entrepreneurship, since there is little evidence on what works and what does not. The discussion stresses that entrepreneurship is a multifaceted phenomenon that varies depending on context, the level of innovation, and its impact on society. Consequently, entrepreneurship research requires the development of an encompassing paradigm, appropriate educational methods, and study of the institutions that provide the most desirable incentives.

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Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice
Mark Griffiths
Jill Kickul
Sophie Bacq
Siri Terjesen
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