Effectuation and causation in entrepreneurship education

Entrepreneurship refers to development and enactment of entrepreneurial opportunities at the intersection of venture creation and market creation. The present study approaches entrepreneurship education as effectuation of possible futures and causation of relevant knowledge in the creation of entrepreneurial opportunities. Through emphasis on the role of effectuation, a creative process view of entrepreneurship education is advocated. It builds on the cognitive and social-psychological schools of entrepreneurship and cognitive, contextual and creation views on entrepreneurial opportunities. As a result, we suggest a model in which effectuation could be used systematically together with causation in entrepreneurship education. Effectuation in entrepreneurship education is proposed to open a new pedagogic view and context to increase student awareness of their ability to create societal impact rather than to accomplish the effective establishment of a company.

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International Journal of Entrepreneurial Venturing
S.makimurto koivumaa
Puhakka, Vesa
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