Entrepreneurship Research (1985–2009) and the Emergence of Opportunities

In order to identify shifts and trends in the entrepreneurship literature over the past 25 years, we conduct a bibliometric study involving new data from the 2000–2009 era building on 1985–1999 data to study entrepreneurship research published in the major management journals. Our findings indicate that entrepreneurship articles now have a significant presence in the mainline “A” journals. Furthermore, we contend that this presence signals legitimacy and, more importantly, a growing exchange among researchers studying entrepreneurship. The area of entrepreneurial opportunities and nascent ventures is showing signs of growth and in our view represents an area where entrepreneurship is contributing back to the broader research conversation in organizational studies.

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Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice
Lowell Busenitz
Lawrence A. Plummer
Anthony C Klotz
Ali Shahzad
Kevin Rhoads
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