Entrepreneurship Research in Germany.

This article explores entrepreneurship research in Germany, paying particular attention to its origins and current “re-emergence.” Since the late 1990s, the field has gained ground, as is reflected in an increasing number of entrepreneurship chairs at universities, and the establishment of an annual national entrepreneurship conference. A particular strength of the German approach to researching entrepreneurship, which can be traced back directly to the historical roots, is found to be its consideration of context specificity and embeddedness, going hand-in-hand with a strong multidisciplinary tendency. These are two features where entrepreneurship research in Germany could add a distinctive flavor to the current mainstream debate. In practice, the diffusion of this perspective is inhibited by an insufficient exchange with the international scientific community.

Journal or Publication:
Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice
Jurgen Schmude
Friederike Welter
Stefan Heumann
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