Learning Strategies of Nascent Entrepreneurs

This research utilizes a longitudinal methodology to study the entrepreneurial learning strategies of a representative sample (n=171) of nascent entrepreneurs in Sweden. We examine Sarasvathy’s theory of effectuation with respect to six different learning strategies and their effect on the progression of start-up processes. The results show that the progression of the start-up process, as represented by the number of gestation activities undertaken during each time period, is systematically related to the nascent entrepreneur’s learning strategy. The analysis covers 24 months, and findings indicate that learning strategies associated with effectuation processes have positive effects on the progression of the start-up process. We also found positive effects from persistent learning strategies in the progression of the start up process.

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University of Haifa
Saras Sarasvathy
Benson Honig
Per Davidsson
Tomas Karlsson
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