Offical Response to Arend et al: Co-Creating Effectual Entrepreneurship Research

In the October issue, the Academy of Management Review published a critique of effectuation (Arend et al, 2015). Forthcoming from Read et al (2016) is a dialog piece in response to that critique. Until the dialog piece is published in the Academy of Management Review, it will be available for download here. Please note that our forthcoming dialog is accompanied by a non-peer reviewed document which adds detail to our response:Link to ASB Assumptions We understand that there are several more dialog pieces in the works from other authors, and as they become available, we will provide links to them here.

Journal or Publication:
Academy of Management Review
Saras Sarasvathy
Nick Dew
Rob Wiltbank
Stuart Read
Year Published
Relevant Principles:
Affordable Loss
Bird-in-Hand (Means)
Crazy Quilt (Partnerships)
Lemonade (Leverage Contingencies)
Pilot-in-the-Plane (Control vs. Predict)
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