Unreasonable Assumptions in ASB

In the October issue, the Academy of Management Review published a critique of effectuation (Arend et al, 2015). This page references two documents which address that critique. The first document is a formal response (Read et al 2016) that will be published in the Academy of Management Review. That manuscript is currently available for download on this website (http://www.effectuation.org/paper/response-arend-et-al-co-creating-effectual-entrepreneurship-research), and will continue to be until it is released by the Academy of Management Review. The second non-peer reviewed document offers a detailed discussion of assumptions made in Arend et al (2015) which we find inconsistent with both effectuation theory and with extant literature. That document is referenced in Read et al (2016) and is available for download from this page. If you have any additional questions, please email info@effectuation.org.

Journal or Publication:
Academy of Management Review
Stuart Read
Saras Sarasvathy
Nick Dew
Rob Wiltbank
Year Published
Relevant Principles:
Affordable Loss
Bird-in-Hand (Means)
Crazy Quilt (Partnerships)
Lemonade (Leverage Contingencies)
Pilot-in-the-Plane (Control vs. Predict)
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