What makes entrepreneurs entrepreneurial

How good are you at putting together large jigsaw puzzles? If you can quickly begin to predict what the picture will look like and then fi t the pieces together, you have a pretty good idea what entrepreneurs do–at least, that is the prevailing myth about entrepreneurship. Let’s get behind that myth by imagining instead that a lot of people bring you a variety of fabric patches, and you have to stitch together a prize-winning quilt that not only pleases the eye but warms the body. Neither the picture nor all the pieces are given; it is for you to imagine patterns that will attract and inspire those who have contributed the fi rst patches and may be initialusers of the quilt—let’s call them stakeholders— while giving later stakeholders a say in the fi nal picture. Throughout the process, you have to deliver real value in real time. Welcome to the world of expert entrepreneurship.

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Saras Sarasvathy
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